Hi there! I'm Julie Wood

I work with busy health minded professional women so they can transform their health by getting their hands on the right lab testing and resources so they can find the missing pieces of their health puzzle and feel themselves again. 


Life isn't easy after 30, 40 or 50, but you can find a light

Feeling tired, run down and exhausted kind of became the norm after I blew out those 40 candles. 

It seemed that life took on a mundane outlook day in, day out. Am I right?

You know how it feels, right!

It's the exact life I lived in my late thirties and early forties. It was as if the 40 candles on my cake ignited a change where my body, my life and my mindset took on a life of their own. I felt like I no longer was in control.

I remember the day vividly. I woke up one morning at about 6am.

The sun was shining in my bathroom. I looked in the mirror.

I looked tired despite a good nights sleep. I had weight that seemed to have appeared from nowhere.

I lost my zest for life. I was only 40 and somehow I was into a life that felt unfulfilled and there was a  lack of joy.

I mean I exercised, meditated, did my spiritual practices, watched my thoughts and mindset but where had it gone wrong, what did it all mean!

I am an intuitive healer and suddenly no matter how hard I tried I wasn't able to help myself,  I mean my clients were happy but I wasn't. Life had happened and I was exhausted, burnt out and struggling.

My health was far from ideal even though I thought I was eating healthily.

I had aches and pains in places I didn't know existed.

It was as if my body decided to start ageing rapidly.

Some days I was so tired but I still felt wired. How often do you feel like that - you feel physically tired but your brain won't relax, no matter what you try you feel like you are 'wired up' and can't relax or go to sleep. My brain was like it was full of cotton wool and I couldn't think clearly.

Other days it felt like I was in a thick fog and even if someone threw me a lifeline I wouldn't be able to see it! It was terrible and debilitating, I was struggling big time, but I didn't tell anyone I just "GOT ON WITH IT", how often do we do that, we hide what is really going on with ourselves, well because it is easier!

They tell you to do more exercise, well I did and the worse I got.

Don't get me started on food, it didn't matter what I ate - I had bloating, I felt terrible, and just looking at a piece of fresh bread put on weight. I was always a healthy person, I worked hard, long hours, had my own business as well as working in the local hospital a few days a week as a Manager.

I also looked after my partner who had been in a serious accident, had an acquired brain injury plus physical injuries and now required care.

I was doing it all. I was a health professional after all so I knew the answers - or thought I did. I was being the WONDERWOMAN and was failing.

I sought advice from professionals and became a vegan - this only made things worse- my weight blew out and I added 30 kg and this depressed me even more.

I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue, and Adrenal Exhaustion, my hormone levels were in my toes, my adrenals were stressed out plus I had lots of sensitivities to not only foods but to the environment, friends used to use me like the canary down the mine shaft - if I started to feel worse they knew there were toxins or electromagnetic fields around that weren't safe.

In the end I was living like a hermit!

I had supported my husband in his recovery using all the tools I had and we went to Malaysia to be treated by a Chi Gong Master where I learnt even more things to do with him. His recovery while not back to normal has meant he can live a full life, but the stress and pressure on me was phenomenal and still is even today though not in the same way.  I knew there was a lot to more to learn and I saw that nutrition played such an important role in obtaining positive results that I wanted to learn more.

 So enough was enough and I decided to go back to University and study Nutrition Medicine. You see I believe the body is capable of healing itself providing it is given the right tools: nutrition, supplementation, emotional release and spiritual support plus I knew from my own experience with clients that once you got to the root cause of a problem you could mend it.

I believe the body has its own innate intelligence and we all have that something, that innate ability to survive and one of my mentors calls that backbone our 'Vital Reserve'. Once our 'vital reserve' is used up we get sick and diseased.

So I spent the next 4 years at University and then worked for my professor in his clinic to learn even more and consolidate what I learnt. I got better, I understood what the problems were and how they got there. I was able to combine my skills as a healer with the scientific skills of nutrition medicine. Along the way I learnt other techniques and use other modalities including biofeedback to assist my clients.

I am constantly managing my health and supporting myself as best I can, but life happens and in 2015/6 I developed an aggressive form of breast cancer and decided to follow my instincts and apart from surgery worked with an integrated medical doctor to treat it and my treatment has been successful. I monitor myself and still see my Oncologist who has supported my through the process.

I have also studied Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and Genomics.

I work hard for my clients and my therapies are sometimes out of the box but they work and some of my offerings that I have learnt are becoming main stream which is exciting as this is cutting edge stuff and so many people have benefitted from it, I feel blessed that I can offer my services to women just like me.





Julie trained as a nurse and midwife and worked extensively in outback Australia. After completing her training in Sydney she worked in the heart transplant unit at St Vincents Hospital prior to moving to Townsville to complete her midwifery. She then moved to Western Australia and worked in remote areas before starting work for mining companies and setting up occupational health programs.

Following her husbands accident she followed her passion of consulting and assisting clients to achieve optimal health through different healing modalities. After she became ill herself she embarked on educating herself in nutrition medicine and functional diagnostic nutrition so she could combine the spiritual with the scientific and offer her clients a holistic approach to health. Julie has clients around the planet.


  • Trained as a Nurse and Midwife
  • Graduate Diploma Health Science (Occupational Health and Safety)
  • Graduate Diploma Health Science (Nutrition Medicine)
  • Diploma Hypnotherapy
  • Diploma Aromatherapy
  • Master NLP practitioner
  • Biofeedback therapist
  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

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